In KALAFATIS & CO,  we are able to undertake the customs formalities for companies or individuals, always in the light of simplifying the procedures and customer service. Indicatively, we can undertake your customs representation in cases such as:

  • Relocations

In the case of  relocation (transfer of usual residence) from non-EU countries to Greece, you can import your personal items (household goods, car, etc.) with exemption from duties and taxes. Our company undertakes the necessary customs procedures, with speed and reliability.


Carne ATA is used to facilitate the temporary importation and stay of goods in a country without the payment of duties and taxes. It is related to the temporary import, use and re-export of products such as:

  • Commercial samples
  • Advertising / Exhibition material
  • Scientific / Pedagogical material

Our company undertakes on your behalf all customs formalities for the export or import of goods (without payment of duties and taxes) accompanied by Carne ATA.


At a time when individuals’ online shopping from foreign countries is constantly increasing, our partners are able to undertake the customs clearance of small parcels on your behalf and deliver them to your door, with professional consistency and at affordable prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


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