According to current legislation, when importing goods into the customs territory of the European community, it is mandatory to submit an import declaration and consequently go through the customs clearance.  At KALAFATIS & CO, we undertake the customs clearance of any kind of product from any country.


(e.g. import of raw materials, import of technology products, such as smartphones, tablets, pc etc. and import of industrial equipment, import of electrical appliances, such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air condition etc.. Import of medical supplies, import of paper, import of chemicals, import of detergents, feed imports, sugar imports, coffee imports, fertilizers imports, clothing and footwear imports, tobacco imports, alcohol imports, textile imports, etc.)


Our years-long presence in the field has allowed us to know the peculiarities of any kind of imports. Thus, we are able to operate in a targeted and efficient way in any case, always in the light of reducing time and costs for our customers.


We are able to undertake the entire process of importing goods on your behalf, from the initial to the final stage. Specifically:

  • We provide detailed pre-costing of your import, depending on the terms of transport agreed between supplier – recipient
  • We draft and submit the import declaration electronically to the customs authorities
  • With our physical presence at the customs office, we ensure smooth and fast processing of the customs clearance process
  • We undertake the issuance of required certificates (e.g. Chemical Analysis Report, Veterinary Certificates, etc.) depending on the imported item
  • We undertake the electronic payment of the customs and tax debts towards the customs office on your behalf
  • We undertake on your behalf the transaction with any other involved body (e.g. shipping companies, container stations and warehouses, domestic transport companies, etc.)

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