The team of KALAFATIS & CO, being aware of the important role of exporting businesses in the Greek economy, offers high level export customs services. We operate with responsibility towards our customers, in light of the following:

  • The full coverage of the company with regards the current customs legislation
  • The simplification of the export process using the most modern means
  • The creation of a comparative advantage, offering competitive prices for our services


Our staff are seasoned professionals in exports of all kinds of goods, by any means of transport, to any country: export of raw materials, export of agricultural products, export of olive oil, export of cured meat products, export of honey, export of machinery and equipment, export of industrial equipment, export of medical supplies, export of textiles, etc


We can fully undertake the export process to a third country on your behalf. More specifically:

  • We draft and submit the export declaration electronically to the customs authorities.
  • With our physical presence at the customs office of export, we ensure smooth and fast processing of the customs clearance process.
  • We undertake the issuance of all required accompanying certificates (e.g. T2L, EUR1, ATR, phytosanitary) based on the type and country of destination.
  • We provide detailed pre-costing of your shipment, based on the terms of transport agreed between supplier – recipient.
  • We are able to offer you complete transfer solutions to any country at competitive prices.

Find out more about the issuance of export certificates here


We would be happy to give you any further information or clarification.


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